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FAITH: Trust and confidence in someone (God) or something.

What it is: A gift from God, a mark of his children, needed to please God, belief, trust.
What it is not: Blind, belief in the absence of evidence, earned.

In the thirteenth chapter of the letter written by Paul, one of Jesus’ disciples, to the church in Corinth Paul speaks of gifts given to Christians by God. Cheif among these enduring gifts are FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

This design is the first of four.
Mountains = stability of faith
Infinity = enduring nature of faith
Flower & bow with type = faith is a gift
Flower = knowable without sight
Woman = part of the Christian experience on earth, knowing in part but not in full

All prints are done on 100% ringspun cotton shirts. The pre-shrunk shirts are a soft cotton, instantly loved by those who wear it. All art is done by Bryan Butler.

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FAITH-Tshirt_on white_Lifestyle.jpg
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