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Endangered Privilege


Why "ENDANGERED PRIVILEGE"? I’ll let the observations of a friend explain…
"The sadness comes from knowing the privilege of having 2 loving parents in the same household is rare in the African American community. And i feel that it shouldn't be. And the parents here are portrayed as both loving and invested in their children. Which leads me to nostalgia and joy. I was privileged to have 2 loving parents and i just remember having great times not doing anything special. Just sitting on the couch in the living room talking about what was on tv, telling jokes, being read to before bed -- this all reminds me of that. They were great times. It's just simple stuff but i feel sad that a lot of people don’t get to experience that. It sorta makes you think about the joy there is in a family. You've painted it into the eyes of the parents." This has been a labor of sorts. 

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Endangered Privilege_sm.jpg
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Acrylic painting on gessoed wood panel.